Robert Mugabe's will to power

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Sikhululekile Mashingaidze


The author reviews William Mpofu's Robert Mugabe and the Will to Power in an African Postcolony (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021.

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Mashingaidze, S. (2021). Robert Mugabe’s will to power. The Africa Governance Papers, 1(1). Retrieved from
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Sikhululekile Mashingaidze, Good Governance Africa

Sikhululekile Mashingaidze is a Lead Researcher in the Human Security and Climate Change project at Good Governance Africa. She is currently engaged in a women, peace and security study tracing the experiences of women survivors of genocide. She seeks to deepen her understanding of their agency in the reconstitution of everyday life in the absence of official acknowledgement, apology and redress and advance their inclusion in peace-building and transitional justice processes. Socially, she has a keen interest in girls’ education, women’s economic empowerment and the realisation of equitable and sustainable development in Africa’s underserved, often hard-to-reach communities.


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