Bad theory, critical violence, and the threat to freedom of thought

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Ross Harvey


This review article provides a close reading of Professor David Benatar's The Fall of the University of Cape Town: Africa's leading university in decline (Politicisweb Publishing, 2021). As Dr Harvey reads it, the book is an anatomical breakdown of what happens to a university when Critical Race Theory (CRT) manifests and gains ascendancy. The book, he argues, is the first that provides "a detailed description and explanation of the repercussions of terrible ideas like CRT on a single institution".

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Harvey, R. (2022). Bad theory, critical violence, and the threat to freedom of thought. The Africa Governance Papers, 1(2), 131–140. Retrieved from
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Ross Harvey

Dr Ross Harvey is Director of Research and Programmes at GGA. A natural resource economist and policy analyst, he has a PhD in economics from the University of Cape Town, and his thesis research focused on the political economy of oil and institutional development in Angola and Nigeria. He has worked as a senior researcher on extractive industries and wildlife governance at the South African Institute of International Affairs (SAIIA), and as an independent conservation consultant. His particular focus at GGA is on helping to establish sustainable extractive industries in Africa.


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