To publish an article and make it available, TAGP and GGA need publishing rights from the author for that work. Authors will be asked to sign an author contract that grants TAGP and GGA the necessary publishing rights. This will be after the manuscript has been through the peer-review process, been accepted and moves into production. TAGP will then send you an email with all the details.

In the standard author contract, the author transfers – or “assigns” – copyright to GGA as the owner and publisher of the journal.

Alternatively, in some circumstances, the author may grant TAGP and GGA  an exclusive license to publish the submission rather than assigning copyright. In this arrangement, the author retains copyright in the work, but grants TAGP and GGA the exclusive rights to publish and disseminate it. 

In all circumstances, an author agrees that the same contribution may not be published elsewhere without the written permission of the editor.