Aims and scope

The Africa Governance Papers (TAGP), published by Good Governance Africa NPO (GGA), is an online, peer-review, academic journal that aims to foster an independent, African-based approach to research and governance decision making by: (1) providing a unique publishing platform for African researchers on issues relating to governance in Africa; and (2) equipping policymakers with evidence-based research that enables them to build capable state structures and to enable citizen participation in governance issues.

Good Governance Africa is an independent, non-governmental organisation with offices in Accra, Addis Ababa, Johannesburg and Lagos focusing on research and advocacy to improve governance around the continent of Africa. The organisation is in the process of establishing partnerships with like-minded NGOs across the continent.

TAGP is an online, peer-reviewed academic journal published at least once a year during the fourth quarter. When we receive enough submissions, a second issue will be published during the second quarter of the year. This publishing schedule allows for the integration of issues of the journal with GGA and TAGP workshops and conferences throughout the year.